Health Plants Of Uganda (HPOU) is a social enterprise venture in partnership with Clarke International University (CIU) of Uganda.

Clarke International University (CIU) was born ten years ago as a health science university, set up by the International Medical Group, Uganda’s largest private health organisation. Clarke International University (CIU) recently set up the School of Business & Applied Technology, with a vision to develop Uganda’s capabilities to create export-oriented businesses.

Health Plants Of Uganda (HPOU) is an extension of IMG’s vision to promote sustainable health and wellbeing which is not dependent on either aid or government support.

Uganda has an optimal climate and soil for the growth of a multitude of plants with health properties, some now well-known such as avocado, aloe vera, chia,  but a large number known only to local village communities, and largely unknown in the world at large. Health Plants Of Uganda (HPOU) seeks to change that.

Uganda also has about a $3 billion trade deficit, on imports of $5 billion. This is tied up with the reality of an economy highly dependent on aid.  While we recognise that aid has its merits as one-off investment and catalyst for change, it is by definition not sustainable, and the resulting dependency culture undermines the country’s ability and will to develop its own capability in the global world of trade. As one of the world’s youngest and fastest growing populations, developing and utilising these capabilities is essential for Uganda’s future.  Health Plants Of Uganda (HPOU) seeks to be a major contributor to promoting trade in favour of aid.