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Uganda is one of the East African countries, which lies astride the equator. Most of it is a plateau of 900 -1,500 metres above sea level. It is bordered by five countries – Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in the southeast and the Democratic Republic of Congo […]

Uganda’s Optimal Climate

Uganda has an optimal climate and soil for the growth of a multitude of plants with health properties, some now well-known such as avocado, aloe vera, chia,  but a large number known only to local village communities, and largely unknown in the world at large. Health Plants Of Uganda (HPOU) seeks to change that.

Our main aims

The following are our main aims as written below: Research the health benefits of Uganda’s health plants. Promote the health benefits of these plants. Facilitate value-add processing of these plants. Research global markets to inform the activity of Uganda’s health plant producers. Assure and certify quality of output. Facilitate exports. Optimise earnings for Uganda’s health […]